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Are you done with propane grills? Do you want something safer and more convenient? Are you ready to prepare delicious restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own home? Then the Griller Dude Smart Flip Grill is the ideal grill for you – here’s what makes it so special.

Introducing - the Smart Flip Grill from Griller Dude

We know that grilling a tender, juicy steak or a portion of perfectly grilled veggies could be a challenging task...This is why we worked with the industry’s finest specialists and developed the Smart Flip Grill – the finest charcoal barbecue out there.

It’s the most ideal portable backyard barbecue you can get on the market today. It’s an easy to transport charcoal BBQ with the capacity to cook a delightful dinner for 6-10 people at a time (at least 12 burgers).

It provides you with the cooking surfaces of two barbecues, giving you the opportunity to cook larger quantities of food for half the charcoal cost. With the smart features, this product allows for full control over the finish of each stake or burger.

Create the juiciest, best and most delicate final product just by flipping your grilled products without any utensils. No need for forks or other expensive tools, all you do is pull the handle down and the grill grates will flip themselves over the fire.

Why To Choose Our Product

We have the finest BBQ for sale, with a limited time offer for our seasonal discount which saves you $200. In terms of utensil free barbeques, the Smart Flip Grill stands out with it’s easy to maintain frame and ease of use.

The large coal pit makes it easy for you to smoke and BBQ ribs, chicken, veggie burgers and high value stakes in one go. The reason we believe we have the best charcoal BBQ is because:

  • It allows you cook more for less time;
  • Does not require manual meat and veggie flipping;
  • Keeps the smoke out of your eyes;
  • Evenly cooks even the thickest of stakes;
  • Gives you full control of the cooking process;
  • Perfect for rare to well done stakes and meats.

The double grill will give you enough space for a full stack of burgers to be cooked at the same time. With the easy-to-use handle, you can raise or lower the grill closer to the coal pit, giving you further control over the cooking time.

Control the coals and the fire precisely and give yourself an edge when dealing with delicate meats such as salmon and chicken.

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